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O’Brien, longtime artistic director for Dance Naked Creative, has been called a  “sex-positive superstar” by the Willamette Week and “a visionary” by Oregon Arts Watch. A self-proclaimed “advocate for sex-positive storytelling”, O’Brien’s Plan V is an antidote to patriarchy, a push for pleasure activism, and the medicine we need for the times we’re in.

Eleanor O’Brien plays Mama V, a former Mormon turned pansexual, polyamorous pleasure activist intent on converting the patriarchy one Vagina Monologue at a time. She calls on the righteous to testify (ovulate?) their Pussy Joys and Pussy Griefs, and preaches the gospel of paying attention to what Pussy has to say.

She conjures a future in which a radical shift to Pussy Worship has paved the path to peace and prosperity. Pussy Flash Mobs have halted the assaults on reproductive justice, and Facesitting has neutralized facism.

Plan V is both a really handy sex-organ seminar, as well as an absolute hoot.
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Live Performance

Stream Video of 2023 performance
at Curious Comedy Club in Portland, OR

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