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Plan V

Is it a sex cult?
A Utopian Fallopian Fantasy?
Or… an ancient religion ripe for revival!

You’ve entered an alternate reality, where all over the globe, chapters of Plan V are popping up, spreading the gospel of Sacred Pussy. Embracing both the ancient history of Goddess Worship and the New Mythology of Inner Pussy, Plan V includes everyone in it’s slippery folds. From the first Fecundamental (Pussy is LIFE!), worshiping at the altar takes on a whole new meaning.  

 COME - and be saved! 

Written and Performed by Eleanor O'Brien

Erotic Performance Coach: Erica Leroye

Sound Design Assistance: Jana Crenshaw

Rehearsal  Assistance - Kate Belden

This production made possible by the generous support of Ronni LaCroute
and all of my patrons

Plan V  on tour

Portland, OR
Outwright Festival
June 10-25

Vagina Museum
July 29,30

Edinburgh Fringe
August 5-20

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