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Dance Naked Productions

the art of sexual expression

Dance Naked Productions is a theater company located in Portland, OR that creates and produces sex-positive theater that illuminates, educates and entertains. We celebrate theater as a pathway into evolving human consciousness.

I believe our sexuality is a huge source of creativity, and to me, the subject never gets boring.  I am endlessly curious about people's sex stories, both real and imagined.  

I believe humans learn through stories.  The problem with stories about sex is that many people grew up believing that those stories are supposed to be "private." Because we're not allowed to talk about it openly, people question if they are "normal," and shame takes root. 

I believe sexuality is a core source of human pleasure and satisfaction - a tool for connection and compassion, as well as  play and creativity.  It's like the reward for being human and dealing with all the crappy stuff!  And yet, for so many people, their experience of sex is unsatisfying and unhappy. 

My goal is to celebrate sex stories, to normalize and encourage sexual expression, to create space for people to feel safe revealing their WHOLE selves.  I create fun and playful ways to help people explore their sexuality, to discover their erotic imagination.

I lead workshops that use games to circumvent the inner critic, and channel arousal to break through creative blocks. I create shows that illuminate aspects of human sexuality, and increase understanding (and curiosity!)

So, do we really dance naked?  Sometimes, but mostly, it's a metaphor. 

I called my company Dance Naked Productions because I wanted to make theater about joyful vulnerability, and showing up as our authentic selves. 


​Dance Naked Productions started as a theater company ("sex-positive theater...with a happy ending!") but has grown to become something of an eco-system. 

You'll find live performances, workshops, retreats, private coaching, and special events - all designed to help you access your erotic genius! 

Please explore the site, maybe check out a few videos (but if you can, see a show live - everything is better in the flesh!).  I'd love to see you at the theater, host you in a workshop, or meet you online, and help uncover YOUR sex stories (and share a few of my own!)

Viva la sexual revolution~

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