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Sex & Creativity

The first time I read Nancy Friday's collection of women's sexual fantasies My Secret Garden, I was struck by how inventive the fantasies could be.  How vivid the imaginations!  They were raw and real and dirty as fuck.  Sex with bosses and teachers and farm animals and family.  Absolutely every taboo in the (literal) book.  I LOVED it! (showerhead masturbation material for YEARS!).   I read some of them so many times I had the words memorized.  Almost like a monologue in my head.  Being an actor, I thought about what it would be like if they were actual monologues.  Performed onstage, in front of a live audience.  In 2008, there was a brand new festival of theater in my hometown of Portland, OR.  Specifically for the creation of original work.  I applied under the name Inviting Desire, and I cast a company of women inspired by the idea that we would turn the fantasies in My Secret Garden into a piece of theater. 

But something happened that I didn't expect. 

Almost every women in that ensemble wanted to write her own piece.  From scratch.  Even if she had never considered herself to be a writer in the past.   Some were funny, some were sexy, some were wildly inappropriate (those were my favorite).  But what they all had in common?  Creativity.  Vulnerability.  Intimacy.   The show was a runaway success (the Portland Mercury wrote "Incredibly nothing you'll see on a Portland stage.")  And truly, it was unlike anything anyone had ever seen.  


Inadvertently, I had stumbled on an intersection rich in potency - that between our creativity and our sexuality.  I discovered that given permission and space and time to create,  our sexuality can fuel our creative impulses in remarkable ways. 

Fast forward a decade - I have done shows like Inviting Desire again and again, with different casts and configurations.  I now include men in those shows (turns out, they too are oozing sexual creativity!).  But in addition, I now i offer workshops to all kinds of people, not just performers.  The fuel of our erotic imagination isn't limited to "artists."  Every human alive has a sexuality.  Every human is rich with creative potential.  My goal with every workshop I teach is to help you make that. connection.  To create an atmosphere of safety and trust that allows you to tap into your erotic genius.  Whether it's a weekend intensive, an extended deep dive or an evening of games where strangers become friends, you'll have the opportunity to play with new ideas, uncover old stories, experiment with new identities, and write your erotic vision.  

Current Offerings


Seducing the Muse

A 12-week online series designed to facilitate creative expansion, activate the libido, and engage the heart.  

Upcoming Dates:

JULY 2019 - SEPT 2019


"As a male I have felt a lot of shame, repression & distrust of my lust. Just accepting, relishing it openly in a room full of many strangers felt healing and potentially revolutionary."

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