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The Sexy Side of


Did you know that Portland has more strip clubs per capita than any other US city, including Las Vegas?? DId you know that Portland was vote most promiscuous city by CNN?  Did you know that Portland is the birthplace of sex-Positive World?

Join tour guide Eleanor O'Brien, artistic director of the world's only sex -positive theater company Dance Naked Productions for a tour unlike any other! 

Erotic Books

Sex  Toys

Strip Clubs

Adult Nightclub

Our evening will begin at world famous Powells, the book store that spans a city block.  We'll meet in the coffee shop, in the extensive erotica section.  Your tour will include a private reading!


From there we head to Spartacus and check out what's new in sex toys.


Get your dollars out, as our next stop is the infamous Mary's Club (Portland's oldest strip club) where we'll admire the talent on display. 


Our evening will include a trip to a local "adult nightclub" (drinks and entrance fee included with your ticket) where we'll enjoy a cocktail and a game or two to melt the ice (cream!). 


Come enjoy a side of Portland you may have never seen! Make friends, (make lovers?) MAKE TIME FOR FUN! 

The Sexy Side of Portlandia

Starts at $100/person

 + discounts for groups larger than 6

Have a question? Contact me to discuss your needs: 

Things to Remember:

  • This is a walking tour!  You will cover about a 1/2 mile total between locations.  Wear shoes you can walk in! (You can go barefoot at the club - or bring a change of shoes if you must wear heels).

  • Bring dollars!  We will be tipping the strippers! ($2 bills are especially appreciated)

  • Bring your VALID ID - you will need it to get into the clubs

  • Bring your sense of adventure!

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