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Sex We Can!

An Erotic Uprising

Janurary 25th -February 14th, 2018

Come Together!

Join Dance Naked Productions and the cast of Sex We Can! for a night of stories, songs, and dance that celebrates sexual expression as a basic human right!

Sex We Can! An Erotic Uprising is a LIVE performance that will open your heart, blow your mind, and stimulate your slippery bits. Come share an evening of sex as medicine, sex as community, sex as a tool of the resistance!

As artists, we seek not only to address the shadows in our culture, but to envision a different future—a future where sexuality is celebrated regardless of race, gender, size, aging, or sexual orientation, where desire is not the problem, and lust is not a sin. A future where #metoo refers to orgasms, not abuse. Learning boundaries, teaching respect and creating a culture of consent is the utopia we seek, where communication is the lubricant of choice!

Sex We Can! is full of stories that change the narrative from shame to celebration, from fear to empowerment, and from hiding to showing up and sharing. With a cast that includes performers from across the gender spectrum and represents the alphabet of sexual orientations and preferences, Sex We Can! aims to inspire conversation, empathy and arousal. Join Dance Naked Productions in creating a community event that rallies support for sexual pleasure as a basic human right!

Moving from slut-shaming to slut-claiming, with full support for sexual expression and empowerment, this show says “HELL YES” to asking for what you want, and refusing to be used, shamed, or shut down. When it comes to solidifying and protecting our rights as sexual beings, we shall (over) cum!

Sex We Can! premiered at The Clinton Street Theater as part of The Fertile Ground Festival of New Works, February 2018.  

Meet the Cast & Crew

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