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Seducing the Muse

 "The Erotic Artist's Way"

A twelve week online workshop designed to activate your libido, engage your heart, & stimulate your slippery bits!

Seducing the Muse inspiration for your erotic genius.

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Artist: Frida Castelli

Ignite your creative fire. 

Fuel your erotic imagination. 

Expand your pleasure potential.

Seducing the Muse is an online class that awakens your creativity by harnessing your sexuality.

  • Tap into the power of arousal to fuel creative projects

  • Explore the prompts that make your inner artist wanna put out!

  • Learn to tempt your muse with quality foreplay and exquisite self-care. 

  • Discover how to tease out your unique erotic genius. 

  • Meet a community of erotic creatives who share your desire to make art that matters

This unique workshop is designed to tap into the power of your erotic mind, and awaken joy in your body.  You'll spend three months making pleasure a priority (yes, that includes masturbation as part of your creative practice). 

This highly personal and hands-on workshop will take you on a remarkable journey into your own sexual landscape. 


Seducing the Muse


JULY 9th, 2019


I believe everyone is an erotic creative.


If you've ever had a sexual fantasy...

If you've ever wondered what it might be like

to try ____

If you've  imagined yourself in any kind of sexual scenario~

You are using your erotic imagination. 

But sadly, for many people, this imagination can get hampered and constricted by growing up in a culture that deems such topics 'inappropriate."  

Without room to play and explore, our imaginations can get stuck.  We can get frozen in time, and  keep recycling old fantasies.  Our stories can get buried, if there's no one to tell.  Our creative fire might feel like it's almost died out. 

BUT your erotic imagination is always there, and it can be SEDUCED! 

I made this class for people who are curious about the creative power of sexual energy, who are interested in the possibility of tapping into arousal and pleasure as the source of SO MUCH CONTENT, and who want to embark on a journey into their own erotic potential.  

So what does a class like this entail?

  • Three Month Commitment

  • Weekly live-calls (Tuesdays, 3-4:30pm)

  • Personal homework assignments

  • 2 private sessions

  • Final Online party/ recital 

Every week, you'll meet up with a cadre of sex-positive humans curious about their own erotic possibilities.  You'll receive writing assignments and erotic prompts, go on artist dates with yourself and set up home play explorations.  You'll have the opportunity to share your experiences and your creations in a private group setting (sharing is always optional), and you'll have two private sessions with me,  Eleanor.


Hi, I'm Eleanor

I have been teaching Seducing the Muse as a live workshop since 2013.  As a theater maker and storyteller, I feel strongly about experiencing life in the flesh. But I am also aware that many (most?) people around the world do not have access to a supportive sex positive community.   So I decided to take this class online, and create a virtual community. 

Welcome to the beta.  I'm here to create something extraordinary with some comrades that want to explore their erotic genius.  I'm here to offer some guidance on that path. 

I have been making shows about sex since 2005.  I curate an annual sex and culture theater festival called Come Inside, I host a monthly erotic open mic called Stand Up Smut, and I tour my own sex-themed solo shows around the world.  I believe passionately in the power of storytelling and the importance of sexual expression. 

Over the course of three months, you'll dive deep into your sexual psyche, stimulate parts of your brain and body that have perhaps been gathering dust, hydrate your inner-hedonist


Discover what really turns you on.   


You'll learn to channel arousal, and prioritize pleasure.  You'll connect with your body, and your essential, erotic, experimental self. 

Reconnect with sex as play!

You don't need a partner, you don't need permission from anyone.   (And if you're already making love and making art on the regular, you might not even need this class). 

Bur for some of us, we need accountability. Not to mention, community.  Being witnessed and supported on our journey is a must for any artist, but especially when the material is erotic. Because it can be so easy to abandon our sexual selves, and put that elf back on the shelf. "Inappropriate, unacceptable, perverted, shameful."  We hear the voices of our families, our upbringing, religion, culture - and we shut that part of ourselves down again. 

Fuck that shit. 

I'm here to help you hear the voice of your desire, your lust, your curiosity.  I'm hear to hold space for stories, and guide you into a deep dive with your fantasies, your erotic mind.

I believe that making art holds to key to understanding ourselves better, and to pay attention to a part of ourselves that has often been ignored or stunted.  

I believe art helps us transform our limitations, and shows us a path towards what matters. 

Let's discover what matters to you. 

unnamed (1).jpg

"Eleanor’s workshop is a life changer.  She takes topics that many of us feel the need to tip toe around, like desire and pleasure, and turns them utterly normal… as it absolutely should be.  It’s refreshing, finally finding a places to talk about this thing, sex, in a way that is celebratory and medicinal. It feels like home to be in Eleanor’s world— embracing one’s fully whole self, including the sexy, curious, pleasure side.  Highly recommend her class, and workshops, and shows and all!"

~  Becky Fromm, The Intimacy Imperative

Reconnect with your own sexual vitality.

Give your inner-artist permission.

  • Write your stories

  • Connect with your memories

  • imagine yourself in different scenarios

  • create alter-egos

  • compose erotica 

  • Play with new possibilities

Every week we will meet in a zoom classroom and I'll share some wisdom I've gleaned over the years about the intersection between sex and creativity.  I'll share resources about books and authors and podcasts and TED talks.   I'll share some of my personal experiences of creating sex-positive theater and helping other people share their own stories.  And we'll do online games and writing prompts and spend time actually creating. 

I'll offer you prompts designed to stimulate you mentally, emotionally and physically.  

Throughout the week you will have homeplay assignments to explore, designed to stretch your own ideas about what you find erotic, and what you find compelling.  

You'll write stories and poems and songs and make art.  You'll spelunk into your own sexual psyche and mine your memories for treasure. 

Artist:  from the book The Secret Garden

Every week you'll get to witness each other's growth and process, and share what you are learning (if you so choose!  You can also just lurk.  Everybody choses their own level of participation).  

You'll have the opportunity to meet with me privately twice over the course of the class to discuss your projects, your challenges, any blocks your facing, and get my personal guidance and encouragement.  

At the end of three months, we'll hold a virtual recital, and everyone will have the opportunity to share a piece of art they've created during the course. 

This class opened up my universe. Getting to explore my sexuality in creative ways made me feel much juicier. I fell in love with each of my classmates. I loved witnessing their opening, their courage, their beauty. Thank you Eleanor for creating such a safe, joyful container for us to open and explore within. This is one of the richest writing/creating classes I have EVER taken and I have a Master's degree plus another 60 hours of post-graduate work. I really loved this class!

~ Stacy

Reignite your own creative spark.

  • Eliminate shame

  • Create art projects that turn you on

  • Re-inspire your sense of possibility 

  • Transform your relationship to your sexuality

Tap into the power of your desire.

Turn your sex life into a work of art! 


Artist: Frida Castelli

The act of creating art, of telling your stories, is transformative.


I have been making art about sex for the past 15 years, and I speak from experience.  When you become the subject of your own life, you control the narrative. You create the arc. You decide the outcome.  Making art out of the compost of your personal history is both empowering and liberating (nothing is ever lost - everything that has ever happened to you in fodder for your art!)


You become the artist, using the material called your life, writing into what you the story of the person you want to become.  The future you want to create. 

When you free yourself from shame and restriction, you free your imagination, you get to be curious about what is possible.  


  • Ceate art that embodies your deepest desire (or your naughtiest fantasy!)

  • Join a tribe of open-minded artists, writers and creatives that share your desire to be free to express sexuality as a part of the whole. 

  • Be welcomed and witnessed as the unique sexual being you are, in a shame-free environment that honors the erotic imagination. 

  • Challenge yourself to try new things (if only in the privacy of your mind!)

  •  Explore somatic practices that increase your levels of arousal.

  • Celebrate your ability to rediscover PLAY!  

To ensure the optimal mix of participants, I have conversations with everyone who takes this workshop.  This is not only an opportunity to answer questions and address concerns,  but to explore whether this format is the right fit for you.  I want to create a group that inspires and cares for one another, so it's important to me that I've connected with every personally and gotten a sense of your level of comfort with sexual material.  

If this intrigues you, if the time is right for you to dive into your stories, and explore your erotic imagination....

Let's talk. 

Your investment in this three month project, with weekly calls and personal guidance (including two private hour-long sessions) is $695.

I know I'm suppose to ring a lot of bells and whistles about the bonuses and the value, but the truth is, I'm not interested in marketing to you, or trying to convince you.  It's not right for everyone! 

I know how amazing this process is.  Having a coach helping to guide your progress for three months is invaluable.  But you have to be ready to commit. 

You will work closely with me, and with a small community of erotic creatives.  

You will blossom. 

You will expand.  

You're life will change.

Are you interested?

This class is permission.  

This class is sacred space. 

This class is an opportunity to discover

your erotic genius. 

If you're ready to make your erotic life a priority~

schedule a conversation!




About the Instructor

I'm Eleanor O'Brien, the artistic director of Dance Naked Productions, a company dedicated to creating artistic expression around the topic of sexuality. I am also a creativity coach.  I write and perform solo shows (GGG: Dominatrix for DummiesLust & Marriage, and How to Really, Really? Really! Love A Woman.)  I create ensemble shows (Inviting Desire, What is Erotic? Revelations, Sex We Can!)  I curate and produce the bi-annual sex-positive theater festival Come Inside, and the monthly erotic open mic Stand Up Smut. I hold a masters degree from the University of San Diego, and am a trained facilitator for Storyhealers International.  Nothing gives me more joy than to help other's tap into their own erotic genius.  I so look forward to meeting you. 

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