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You want personal? Become a PATRON!

Darlings - keeping up on allll the platforms is EXHAUSTING! I have a newsletter I write every so often, I post on FB and Insta, and I tried, I really tried to keep a blog going on this website. BUT IT'S TOO MUCH. I can't keep up. So from now on, I'm using Patreon as my go to for updating friends and fans as to what is happening in the world of Dance Naked Productions. Yeah, it's a $1 a month if you wanna be on the inside circle - but it's how I'm gonna roll from here on out. I appreciate that it's a platform where I don't have to censor. It's tricky to find (you can't just put Dance Naked in the Patreon search engine, you gotta have the exact link) but once you are there - I can post all the updates and pictures, etc. WITH NIPPLES INTACT! So if you wanna stay connected, please come find me on Patreon!

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