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Pleasure with a Purpose?



It's a good old fashion community masturbation party!

An opportunity to smash shame,

celebrate pleasure, and raise money for

Planned Parenthood. 


Please Bring:

  • Respect for Other People's Boundaries 
    (no touching anyone but yourself!)

  • Your own personal Sex Toys

  • Lube

  • Nesting Materials

(if you like to get cozy, bring a pillow and blanket)

  • An Open Mind

  • A Sense of Humor

COST: $50 Donation to Planned Parenthood

JUNE 11th 2019


7pm-8pm Arrive

8pm - Opening Circle

8:30pm - Erotic Readings

9pm- Facilitated Self-Care Circle

10pm-Good night!

Doors lock at 8:30



1. Can I just come watch?

Yes, you can.  But you are encouraged to participate! 

2.   What if it's creepy?

We will have room monitors (your friendly neighborhood jill/jerk off fairies!) and we will talk about boundaries, consent, and energetics at the opening circle.  

3. Can I just donate without attending the event?

Yes! You may donate to Planned Parenthood HERE! Thank you so much!

4. Will there be sex toys for me to use?

No! Bring your own!

5. Can I have sex with my partner (or new acquaintance) at the event?

No. This event is specifically about TOUCHING YOURSELF and no one else.  Feel free to bring friends, but don't try and get them off (with your hands anyway.  Consensual eye fucking is A-OK). 

6. Can I pay my donation with a credit card?

Yes!  We will have envelopes to fill out at the door. Or you can make out a check to PP, or bring cash!

7. Is this a tax write-off?

Yes, if you pay via check or cc.  Keep your own records though!

8. Why no digital porn?

Because this is not your living room.  Porn tends to be a solitary experience.  This is a community event.  We will be having LIVE erotica readings throughout the night.

10. I want to participate, but $50 is a lot of money.  What are my options?

Find sponsors on the facebook event page! Ask your friends and family to sponsor you!  Hold a car wash!

11. Are men allowed at this event?

Yes, we are welcome and inclusive of ALL genders! 


12. Can I sponsor someone else? 

Yes, just write their name in the  comments section after making your donation

Other questions?  Contact Eleanor 

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