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Plan V is a global movement to reestablish reverence for Sacred Yoni. 


The mission of Plan V is to Celebrate, Educate, Liberate. 


Celebrate Pussy as the portal of life, a source of pleasure, and a symbol of the Divine Feminine & The Mother Goddess. 


Educate about the scientific discoveries made about the female genital complex (aka Pussy), the historical perspective on Pussy, the emotional needs of Pussy, the erotic power of Pussy, and the potential that is possible when centering Pussy. 


Liberate our culture from the stranglehold of patriarchal religion and conservative Pussy shaming, sex-negativity, and misinformation. Shed light on the darkness. Uplift the voices of women sharing information. 


We gather to share stories,make pussy art, impart pussy knowledge, share pussy gratitudes and plan acts of pleasure activism designed to heal the world. 


The purpose of these gatherings is to normalize having conversations about our bodies, about sex and pleasure, share resources, create community, liberate joy and eradicate shame.  


 We gather to encourage our collective courage, inspire creativity and support one another’s growth. 


We gather to make a difference.  


We use the power of storytelling, playing games, making art and a focus on joy to guide our gatherings. 

Plan V: The Gathering (Series 101)


In this 5 week series, we will create a container of safety that allows for deeper sharing. Each week we will focus on one of the Fecundamentals (the Plan V guiding principles) and what they mean for us personally. 


PREREQUISITE:  Have seen one of the live shows-  Plan V: VIva La Vulvalution, Plan V: Pussy Parables and Epiphanies, or Plan V: The Joyful Cult of Pussy Worship. If you have not seen the live show, please watch the video of Plan V: Viva La Vulvalution (provided for participants) before the workshop begins. 


The first Plan V series will be for those who identify as women, and consider themselves to “have a pussy.”  Pussy as Vulva/Vagina/Womb space. (Trans women who identify as having a are MOST WELCOME).  Multi-gender series coming in January 2024.  


Plan V is in the inaugural stages, and we continue to develop the format and protocols. Your input will help shape whatever Plan V is to become. Come share your experience and lend your imagination to the collective vision.


VENUE: : Private Home in NE Portland

DATES & TIMES: Sundays Nov. 12 through Dec 10 (5 gatherings*)

COST: $500-$100 sliding scale


This series is limited to 15 women.  To join, make a deposit of $25 to hold your space.  You will be contacted with more information.

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