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Uncover Your Sex Story

Personal Coaching

You are the creator of your life INCLUDING your sex life.

You deserve a sex life you love.

You deserve a sex life that fills you with joy, connection and pleasure.

The kind of sex life that you want to write about in your journal with tons of exclamation points (and then I came again! I didn’t think it was possible!!!)

A sex life that regularly appears on your gratitude list.

  • friends and family

  • access to clean air

  • incredible sex with person (or people) I love (or just met)

You deserve to have the kind of sex life that makes a great memoir. (to be published posthumously perhaps).

A sex life that makes up for all the shitty, boring parts of life.

There are so many reasons to be unhappy, but really, your sex life should not one of them.  Will you settle for crumbs from the table of sexual joy, when you could be having a banquet? (Or even a delicious sandwich?)

  • Is your sex life on a restricted diet?

  • Filling up on empty porn calories?

  • Are you fasting on purpose?

What’s your sex story?

Feast or famine?

Your sex life can start getting good at ANY time.

You can have a vibrant, nourishing, interesting sex life. You have more choice and power than you ever thought possible.

If you are feeling:

  • Stuck (you want things to be different, but don’t know how to make that happen)

  • Stigmatized (the thing you’re into, your partner thinks is not ok)

  • Stale (same ol’ same ol? Sex used to fun.  What happened?)

  • Shut down (just not feeling it.  At all)

  • Solo (you’d like to be having sex with someone besides yourself)


I am here to help. 

I designed Uncover Your Sex Story as a coaching practice designed to excavate and transform limiting beliefs.  A coach for your sex life? Yep.  Because sometimes, when you get stuck, you just need a coach to help you see (and feel and touch) what is possible. 

I am here to help you rewrite your story.  

Sex can be incredibly fun. Sex can be a profound source of pleasure, connection and joy. Sex can heal ancient wounds.  And yes, sex can be a chore, especially if you aren’t getting what you want.  So it’s worth taking the time to figure out what you want, and then go after it.   

It does not matter if you are:

  • over 40 (or 50, 80, or post menopausal, or whatever your definition of ‘over the hill’ happens to be) 

  • single

  • married

  • gay, straight, bi, asexual

  • male, female, intersex, trans

You are a unique sexual being.  You deserve to have the most fulfilling sex life you can imagine. Your true vibrant sexual self is hiding under the covers, simmering on the back burner, waiting for you to pay attention. 

Many people did not grow up in homes where sex was discussed.  We were told “that’s private.” So we had to figure it out by ourselves.  Which meant sex was often spoiled by early experiences and hindered by misinformation.

We learned to make up stories for ourselves about what sex means. Some of it we grew out of (blow jobs can’t make you pregnant?) but some we never think to question (having lots of partners or casual sex makes you a slut) (men who don’t want to commit to one partner are players) (monogamy is the only choice for decent people).

We absorbed false messages about what is appropriate, what is allowed.

Those stories leave pockets of shame hidden inside of us, land mines we don’t even know are buried until someone triggered them by accident…

We let those old stories determined who we are, what we think we deserve, what we think is possible. 

Those stories are holding you back from having the most vibrant, nourishing sex life you can imagine.  But they don’t have to.  Having an healthy, happy sex life is one of the fundamental pleasures of being human.  Not a luxury item.  Not an afterthought. A fundamental human right. 

Your sex life deserves your attention.

Schedule a free half hour coaching call and we can talk about how to create a sex life that makes you glad to be alive in a human body.

As your coach, I keep everything you tell me in complete confidence.  As I am not a licensed professional (ie therapist/counselor) so I am not required to disclose anything you share with me.  The stories you uncover are your own, and respect for your privacy is my primary concern.


I’ve spent most of my life talking about (and listening to) stories about sex. 


My stories used to be about how I was too fat and too dorky to ever feel sexy. But I’ve rewritten those stories a dozen times over, and my reality is now are very different (check out some of those stories here!). 


I’d love to share that process with you.

As a narrative coach, my focus is entirely on you and your stories.  Together, we explore your core beliefs about sexuality.

  • How did you learn about sex and what were the messages your were given?

  • What were your formative experiences like and with whom?

  • What is your current experience with your sexuality?

  • How would you like to change that experience?  What would you like to create?


Together, we create a space to look at those stories, and figure out what no longer serves you.  Through guided coaching, you begin to see different potential, conjure new possibilities, and yes, tell new stories.

You can design a sex life you love, and I can help.

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