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Lust  & Marriage

A Solo Show About Finding Your Soul Mate(s)


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Two is company.  Three’s allowed?

Lust & Marriage is a sex-positive comedy that explores the

conundrums of couple-hood.

Is long-term desire sustainable?

Is it possible to be monogamish? 

Emily is a hopelessly romantic ethical slut in search of a soul mate.  When a Burning Man fling turns out to be the love of her life, she thinks she’s found her happy ending. But her paramour doesn’t pine for monogamy.  What’s a Pollyanna to do? Can polyamory save their romance? Lust & Marriage is an honest and intimate comedy that explores the complexities of relationship, and what happens when two become three. 


Eleanor O’Brien wrote and performs the allegorical story, and has collaborated with director Antonio Sonera and dramaturge TJ Dawe.


“I have long been fascinated by the work of sex advice columnist Dan Savage, and his influence on sexuality in popular culture,” says O’Brien. “I was inspired to create Lust & Marriage after Dan put out a call for stories from the ‘successfully monogamish’. (Savage has given the script his blessing and recorded his voice for use in the show). “Having tried both monogamy and polyamory, I use a lot of my own material.  Turns out, there’s quite a bit of comedy in opening a marriage.  Ultimately, it’s a love story, with a healthy dose of lust”.  


This show is everything that a Fringe play should be....a thought provoking and groundbreaking work with sharp writing and acting throughout by Eleanor O’Brien. No matter your thoughts on non traditional relationships, this show is a must see. 

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