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The cave you fear to enter
holds the treasure you seek 
Joseph Campbell

Part vagina monologue

Part TED talk

Part stand-up

Part true confession

Part revival

Part truth or dare

Wanna make the 😺purr....?
How to Really, Really? (really!) Love a Woman invites the audience to celebrate a return to old-fashion goddess worship, with a modern twist!  
In the era of #metoo, writer/performer Eleanor O’Brien envisions a path out of the darkness of misogyny and into the age of enlightenment...

by paying lip service to the divine! 

Leaving the show I just have this overall sensation of peace.   As if finally all the feelings that I had been feeling for so so long were put into words and I could finally understand some things in me that i was never able to formally verbalize before.

- Arts Report , Citr 101.9fm

how to Really, Really? Really! LoveA Woman Poster

"Funny, empowering, and just slightly terrifying all at once".
-Broadway World

HOW TO REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE A WOMAN is only fabulously funny and smart and incisive and bare-bones honest and wildly entertaining, it is also freaking no-holds-barred courageous
and its demonstration of the power of vulnerability is ...THE BOMB!
- M.P.

As an Intimacy Therapist, I am constantly searching for resources to help my clients unhook from toxic, shame-based models for relating and empower themselves with healthy examples of sexuality and pleasure. To download the insights that are contained in Eleanor’s play, I typically have to recommend a number of books and blogs and cover several sessions. “How to Really Really Love a Woman” is a brilliant resource chock filled with vital insights.
If you like me are tackling the heroic task of shifting our culture’s relationship to the feminine from denigration to exaltation,
this play is a goldmine.
I highly recommend watching and widely, widely sharing.
- Dr. Jessica Tartaro, Intimacy Therapist & Connection Facilitator

With a wicked sense of humor, and honesty that’s refreshing, Eleanor O’Brien brings the audience on a

journey that is both deeply personal and totally universal. 


What woman hasn't been concerned about her taste and smell and pubic hair? 


What (straight) man hasn't wondered what the hell he's doing down there? 

From the absolute beginner to the seasoned connoisseur,  everyone's got questions. And when it comes to pussy,

there is SO MUCH to unpack!


How to Really...Really? Really! Love a Woman

dismantles shame around our genitals

and brings a reverence for Regina back into fashion! 

Like visionary Eve Ensler, this vagina monologue is intended to get you talking, and thinking, about the orgasm gap. 

Whether you are the owner of a yoni or just a lover of ladybits, this open hearted solo show

will illuminate a pathway out of the darkness

and into the light! 

For all the men who love women,

women who love women,

and women who love themselves,

this show is a MUST SEE. 

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