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You Got This!

Creative Coaching

Wherever you are on your artistic path, I'm here to help.  

Nearly 15 years ago, I wrote my first solo show with the help of my best friend.  I would not have had the courage (or the consistency) without her presence and encouragement.  I NEEDED another person to keep me on track, remind me I wasn't crazy (or narcissistic) for wanting to write and perform a solo show.  

If I stop and think, that show (which started out with the title Girls' Guide and evolved to become GGG: Dominatrix for Dummies) has had nearly half a dozen directors over the years, in different iterations. All of them added something important to the development of the piece. 

Lust & Marriage, my latest solo endeavor, was the result of hiring a solo show coach (Tanya Rubenstein) a dramaturg (TJ Dawe) and a director (Antonio Sonera).  It simply would not have happened without their support and guidance. 

My point is, even a solo artist can't go it alone.  We need support.  We need accountability. And if you are anything like me, you need someone to bounce ideas off of, and cheerlead through the really hard parts when we get stuck and want to quit (which are INEVITABLE).  

Several years ago, I decided that doing a solo show was lonely, and I wanted to be a part of an ensemble.  So I put together a cast of women and we created a show about sexual fantasies call Inviting Desire.  I was the de facto director, since it was my idea. Having grown up in the theater, I had some idea what a director did, but I was learning much of it on my feet.  

One of the things I discovered was how much I loved working with actors.  I loved the process of trying new things, offering suggestions, helping sculpt their instincts.   As my work evolved, I began working with non-actors as well, and I found it equally exciting.  Every human alive has creative instincts.  When you create space for those instincts to flourish, it's simply astonishing what can result.  I have witnessed so many brilliant acts of creation erupt from people who say "I'm not an artist" or "I'm not a writer."  

Our society seems quick to define what it means to be an "artist."  Whether or not you are a "professional" or an "amateur".   I say that's bullshit.  We are all of us creative. We are all artists.  Your art deserves space and time and attention.  It deserves resources.

I'm here to help you put the focus on what matters.  Taking action.  Creating.  Putting your work out in the world (SCARY! I know.  AND SO IMPORTANT). 

As your coach, I'm here to listen and cheerlead and hold your hand, AND - kick your ass a little.  Hold you accountable.  Help you define the outline of your project, sketch the pathway and find the deadlines to bring it to fruition. 

You are worth it.  Your art matters. I know this to be true with every fiber of my being.  Don't let it die inside of you.  

I am here to help. 

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