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Come Play!

Come and get your feet wet!

Come Play! is like a cross between a a tantric puja and an improv theater class - with a little creative writing thrown in for good measure.   For a couple of hours, we literally play.  Yep. We play games and do connecting exercises and write poems and songs and make up skits.  The purpose it to make the topic of sex fun and accessible and wayyyyy less taboo.  To help people feel more comfortable talking about sexuality, experiencing other people as sexual beings, practicing being vulnerable around intimacy. 

It's rare to have the opportunity to show up as your whole self, including your sexual self.  We often reserve that view for a lover.  Come Play invites you to show up as a human being with curiosity and desire.  

You get to be bawdy, naughty, ribald, off-color!  You get to be an adult, and you get to have a recess from your 'proper upbringing' where sex wasn't something you talk about publicly. 


And for sure we talk about consent, and boundaries and using your words (we even practice!) We communicate (with words!) in order to create a safe enough container so that we CAN relax.  

Come Play! is an opportunity to make friends with other sex-positive people in your community.  It's NOT a pick-up scene (and clothes do not come off!).  But it is an opportunity to take off your mask of social respectability and have FUN.  Yes, you get to be silly, and playful.  You get to create from a space of permission and encouragement.  You will be cheered by a group of people who are thrilled that you had the courage to join in the fun.  

Come Play is on haitus!

Will return spring 2019

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Come Play?
    Come play is an evening of facilitated games and creativity exercises. You might play “Going on Sexcation” with a new friend (and inventing as you go), you might end up in a small group describing your first encounter with porn, you might get write a haiku about masturbation. Every Come Play! is different. The workshop is designed to make talking about sexuality feel playful, to learn about other people’s sexual identities, to share your own sexual expression, and to tap into your creative spirit.
  • Is Come Play! an opportunity to get laid? (fingers crossed?)
    Nope, not at all. Come Play! is an opportunity to create connection and community with other sex-positive people. That means you might share a story about a time when sex went awry, or describe your favorite music to listen to for lovemaking - but it’s not speed dating, or flirting or tantra or directing your arousal towards someone in particular. You are invited to show up as a sexual being, but not project that onto anyone.
  • Can I pursue someone I meet at Come Play?
    Many friendships have begun at Come Play! and it is likely you’ll meet people that feel like your tribe. While we would not stop you from contacting someone that felt like a vibrational match, we would ask that you limit your outreach to ONE TIME ONLY, and wait for a response. This is the difference between INVITE and PURSUE. Try to let go of any expectations. Even though you had a profound sharing with someone through the course of the evening does not mean they are interested in anything more . Appreciate the connection, and release the outcome.
  • Does anyone get naked at Come Play?
    No. While the name of the theater company that presents Come Play! is Dance Naked Productions, that is not meant as an instruction! Dance Naked is a metaphor for joyful vulnerability. (Though we do occasionally end shows with literal naked dancing - but that is not this!). Come Play is a safer space to explore the playfulness of sexuality - WITH CLOTHES ON!
  • Does anyone make-out/fondle/have sex at Come Play?
    Uh…no. Not exactly. You might end up in a scene where you and your partner pretend to make our or fondle or have sex, but you will be pretending. Sometimes pretending can look kind of real. And you - yes YOU - get to decide at all times what that looks like. You are writing the scene as you go, so you are always in control of the story you are telling. Also, at all time you can OPT OUT!
  • What are the rules of Come Play?
    Endure NOTHING. If you are uncomfortable, you can step out at any time. You can watch a game. You can pass. You can go outside. You can lie down. You can leave. (Though give us a heads up if you are going to leave, so we can check in with you). Stretch Yourself. Sit with discomfort, get curious about your perceived limitations and boundaries. Do not direct your sexual arousal onto another. Let go of expectations (don’t pursue). Don’t be creepy. (If you need help figuring out what it means to be creepy, please ask - always good to get feedback).
  • When does Come Play! happen?
    The last Sunday of every month from 7-9:30pm at Shout House (210 SE Madison St #11, Portland, OR 97214 - under the Hawthorn Bridge).
  • How many people participate? Is it gender balanced?
    We cap the event at 40 people. We do not gender balance. We are not predicating games based on a heterosexual dynamic - you might find yourself in an improv pretending to be the opposite gender and a different sexual orientation - that’s part of the fun!
  • What do I do if I feel someone is being creepy?
    Speak up. If you can’t speak to the person directly, please bring it to the attention of one of the facilitators and we will do our best to address it as quickly as possible. Every situation is different, and we strive to handle all requests with integrity and compassion.
  • Do you talk about consent?
    Yes, every class we have games around the topic of consent and how it feels in your body to recognize your no thank yous and hell yeses. We are committed to improving communication around sexuality so that everyone feels more comfortable speaking openly about their experiences. We are committed to empowering everyone to recognize their wants and desires, as well as their boundaries.
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