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Come Play!

Come and get your feet wet!

Come Play! is like a cross between a a tantric puja and an improv theater class - with a little creative writing thrown in for good measure.   For a couple of hours, we literally play.  Yep. We play games and do connecting exercises and write poems and songs and make up skits.  The purpose it to make the topic of sex fun and accessible and wayyyyy less taboo.  To help people feel more comfortable talking about sexuality, experiencing other people as sexual beings, practicing being vulnerable around intimacy. 

It's rare to have the opportunity to show up as your whole self, including your sexual self.  We often reserve that view for a lover.  Come Play invites you to show up as a human being with curiosity and desire.  

You get to be bawdy, naughty, ribald, off-color!  You get to be an adult, and you get to have a recess from your 'proper upbringing' where sex wasn't something you talk about publicly. 


And for sure we talk about consent, and boundaries and using your words (we even practice!) We communicate (with words!) in order to create a safe enough container so that we CAN relax.  

Come Play! is an opportunity to make friends with other sex-positive people in your community.  It's NOT a pick-up scene (and clothes do not come off!).  But it is an opportunity to take off your mask of social respectability and have FUN.  Yes, you get to be silly, and playful.  You get to create from a space of permission and encouragement.  You will be cheered by a group of people who are thrilled that you had the courage to join in the fun.  

Come Play is on haitus!

Will return spring 2019

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