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October 1st-14th, 2018

Making the risqué relatable!

Sapiosexual storytelling and erotic theatrics

for humans of all orientations.

Opening Night Gala

October 1st

at the

Alberta Rose Theatre

tickets only $2

Festival runs Oct. 3-14 at Coho Theater

Come Inside 2018 is a festival of sex-positive performances from across the spectrum of sexual identity.

Illuminating, inclusive and often hilarious, these stories resonate with emotional intimacy and theatrical flair.

Come inside and connect with a cadre of

salacious storytellers offering curative comedy,

restorative erotica,

and stimulating post-show conversations!

Tickets can be purchased online ($15) or at the door ($20) or save $ with a festival pass.

(Passes do not guarantee seating- please arrive 15 minutes before showtime to save your spot!) 

Revelations set 2-Revelations set 2-0052

Opening Night Gala

with MC Eleanor O'Brien + guests!

OCTOBER 1 @ 7:30PM

Join us for the kick off to the festival at the Alberta Rose Theater! We are celebrating our 10 year anniversary! There will be audience favorites from past shows, highlights from the upcoming festival, and SO MUCH MORE!


ZE: Queer As Fuck

Ren Lunicke

OCT. 3 @ 9PM

OCT. 5 @ 7PM 

OCT. 6 @ 4PM 

OCT. 7 @ 8PM

a one-person, genderqueer, kinky, femmesexual, polyminded, gay-divorcee PRIDE parade through the real life of Michelle/Ryan. “Ze” confronts stereotypes both within and without in a celebration that exposes the complex tension between being authentic to oneself and belonging.


Tough Brown Leather

Tonya Jones

OCT. 11 @ 9PM 

OCT. 12 @ 7PM 

OCT. 13 @ 10PM 

OCT. 14 @ 2PM

Sara is the spunky, eight-year-old star running back of her street football team. But off the field, she can’t outrun the attack of a sexual predator. As Sara transitions into womanhood, the effects of the childhood attack stay with her. She takes a few hits, but never stays down for long. A testament to the human capacity to survive, heal and embrace one’s sexual power.


Taking it Up the Notch

Shirley Gnome

OCT. 3 @ 7PM 

OCT. 5 @ 10:30PM 

OCT. 6 @ 6PM 

OCT 7 @ 4PM

Armed with her guitar and sharp wit, Shirley Gnome will sing you shameless, obscenely honest songs about human nature that will have you in stitches. A unique mix of music, standup comedy, wickedly clever lyrics, and biting social commentary.



Siouxsie Q + Sean Andries

OCT. 4 @ 9PM 

OCT. 5 @ 5PM 

OCT. 6 @ 8PM 

OCT. 7 @ 2PM

A fairy tale exploring themes of sex work through the lens of fantasy, Fish Girl tells the tale of a lovestruck tourist who falls into the deep end when he meets the "girl" of his dreams. She’s half fish, half fantasy. The show includes original songs, antique slide projections, and high drama. 

Pink Hulk_Valerie_David.jpg

The Pink Hulk

Valerie David

OCT. 10 @ 7PM 

OCT. 12 @ 5PM 

OCT. 13 @ 4PM 

OCT. 14 @ 6PM

Having beaten lymphoma earlier in life, Valerie is now diagnosed with breast cancer. Afraid of “losing the girls,” she decides to take them out for one last hurrah…This sexy and adventurous show follows the triumphant journey of one woman as she finds her own “hulk-like” strength to free the superhero within! 


Sex Ed A GoGo

Dirty Lola

OCT. 4 @ 7PM 

OCT. 5 @ 9PM 

OCT. 6 @ 10PM 

OCT. 7 @ 6PM

Sex Ed A Go Go is a talk and variety show hybrid that is one part sex Q&A and one part Go-Go revue. Host Dirty Lola gives open, honest, and entertaining answers to anonymous questions from audience members about sex and relationships, and showcases a rotating cast of burlesque performers and other guests.


Schlong Song

Woody Schticks

OCT. 10 @ 9PM 

OCT. 12 @ 10:30PM 

OCT. 13 @ 6PM 

OCT. 14 @ 8PM

Stand-up storytelling, hip hop heroics, and emotional nudity collide in this smash-hit smackdown of sexual misadventure. Hop on the scenic route to the bone zone - through good sex & bad luck - in this honest onslaught of hanky-panky hijinks!

Festival Schedule

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 4.55.53 PM.png

Inclusive, inquisitive and insightful, the Come Inside festival brings performers from near and far to Portland for 2 weeks of theater that will arouse your curiosity and raise your libido!
For 14 days there will be a pride of stories, and a parade’s worth of sexual orientations. In times of rampant disconnection, storytelling is the cure.


In addition to these eight shows, the festival will include a play reading (Tip of the Tongue by author and playwright Allison Moon) and workshop productions from local artists Melanie Mosely (Sexology! The Musical).


Festival goers will enjoy post-show conversations and pre-show flirtations, as the goal behind this festival is definitely CONNECTION.  A recipient of a 2018 RACC grant, Come Inside is growing, evolving and attracting a ever widening pool of performers and audience.


Come Inside and get some.   


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