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Dance Naked Productions

I believe that humans learn through stories. We observe how others do things, and try to determined the best path for ourselves. But when it comes to sex, the material is pretty thin. I started Dance Naked Productions because I wanted to see stories in which people celebrated their sexuality, reveled in it, explored it, and weren't punished for their curiosity.  

I have been making theater about sex since I was a teenager. At 14 I was cast in a show called Teens & Company, sponsored by Planned Parenthood. A dozen of us wrote a show about teen sexuality and toured it across Oregon (there's still a video tape somewhere in my garage). I'll never forget declaring passionately "Some people don't have sex - that's ok!" (it's true.  Asexuals - you are welcome here).  That show was the beginning of a life long love affair with theater as a teaching modality. 

However, for many years I went the traditional route. I was a theater major at Pomona College, and I got my MFA at the University of San Diego.  I spent a few years doing Shakespeare at the Old Globe Theater, before moving the NYC.  I auditioned for commercials and film and tv, but something felt deeply unsatisfying.  It wasn't until I wrote my first show, GGG:Dominatrix for Dummies that I figured out why. I wanted to make theater that mattered. I wanted to make shows that had something to say, that gave people different possibilities for their own lives.  And I wanted to make shows about sex.  Dance Naked Productions was born.  

Over the past 10+ years of making original art, I have learned the power of putting these stories onstage.  The act of allowing yourself to be seen as a sexual being, without apology, is transformative.  It's healing, it's powerful and it's necessary.

Thank you for checking out the website.  I hope to cross paths with you someday, and hear your story.  

Tits up, heart open,

❤️ Eleanor O'Brien
Dance Naked Productions artistic director
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