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The Art of Erotic Expression


An intimate, risque, often hilarious look

at what makes women tick.

- Edmonton Journal

Hi, I'm Eleanor O'Brien


My goal is to celebrate sex stories, to normalize and encourage sexual expression, to create space for people to feel safe revealing their WHOLE selves. I create fun and playful ways to help people explore their sexuality, to discover their erotic imagination. So, do we really dance naked? Sometimes! But originally, it was a metaphor. I called my company Dance Naked Productions because I wanted to make theater about joyful vulnerability, and showing up as our authentic selves. I changed the name to Dance Naked Creative during the pandemic, because we had grown to represent more than just productions. We were now online events, naked adventures, audio erotica, workshops, retreats, and a hub for other erotic creatives. ​ I'm so delighted you are here. I'd love to see you at Stand Up Smut, the monthly erotic open mic I host monthly in Portland (and quarterly on zoom). If you're feeling brave - maybe sharing something of your own?) Maybe I'll see you riding beside me at one of our upcoming Naked Rides? When the time is right, I'll hug you at the theater, host you in a workshop, or hang out with you on Patreon. I'm excited to share my stories, and help you uncover YOUR erotic genius (everyone's got some - all those centuries of repression has created some artistic gold!). I believe the erotic comes in all flavors - funny, silly, sexy, kinky, and sometimes so profound. I'm here for all of it and I hope you are too. While I am based out of Portland, OR I love to travel and take my shows on tour. If you'd like to see me in your city, get in touch! Or join me on zoom for a virtual experience (you don't have to turn your camera on!) One of the most profound miracles of my life is the invention of Patreon. I now have the support of my friends and fans to be able to create new work and explore new mediums. As a sex-positive creator, with a focus on pleasure, my work does not lend well to grants. I have always dreamed of a large number of small funders, giving what they can comfortably afford. Patreon is that medium and I do most of my most creative, personal, intimate sharing on that site. But whether you are just stopping by or joining the flock of erotic creatives (and those who love them) over on Patreon, I hope you'll find something here to inspire you. I wanna see what YOU create! May you feel connected, may you feel safe, may you feel pleasure, may you feel love. Viva la revulva-lution! – Eleanor O'Brien Dance Naked Creative, artistic director

An incredibly visceral nothing you'll see on a Portland stage

– The Portland Mercury


We host events & workshops both in person and online. We host a monthly erotic open mic called Stand Up Smut in Portland, Oregon.

Here's the Info on the Performers

Funny, provocative, occasionally graphic 
and always entertaining

Calgary Herald


Dance Naked Creative says Hell Yes to provocative, erotic theater that illuminates our many sexual pathways, isn’t afraid to educate (cuz we all learn through story) and is deeply committed to theater being ENTERTAINMENT.  We are here to make you laugh, think, and feel. Possibly even turn you on (if you’ll let us!) We’re here for a delicious mind fuck. Pleasure shared is pleasure squared.

"Patreon is where I post updates, announce upcoming shows, test out ideas, host parties, invite feedback, and share my NSFW adventures!

In return, my patrons allow me the space and time to create sex-positive theater and erotic creative opportunites. They can then join in at whatever level feels right for them. 

I am enormously grateful for this support".

-Eleanor O'Brien